What Do Blue Whales Eat?

The blue whale is the largest mammal on Earth today. For this reason, it has sparked the interest of many and has lead to a great deal of fascinating inquiries in questions. One of the first questions that comes to mind when considering the blue whale is what do blue whales eat? It is difficult to imagine the diet of such a massive animal, yet the answer to that question may be surprising.

Although the blue whale is a large animal, the fact of the matter is that it eats the same thing as most other similar creatures. This diet includes krill and small fish. For the blue whale to support its massive size, it must eat a large number of fish. In this particular case, the blue whale will eat four tons of these tiny fish within a single day.

The blue whale does not have any teeth, which would normally make eating problematic for any other animal. This does not prove to be a problem for the blue whale, however. In order to properly eat, the blue whale takes an enormous drink of water. During this process, it extends its pleated throat. It is at this time that the whale will filter out the water while taking all the fish in the path. This filter is done by using the tongue to push out the water while also contracting the throat. In the end, the tiny fish are left as food for the whale while the water is pushed out and away. Within one gulp, thousands of small fish are consumed.