Monterey Bay Is Invaded by Blue Whales

Monterey Bay is a bay of the Pacific Ocean, located more exactly along the central coast of California. The bay is home to numerous marina mammals and is renowned for being on the migratory path of Gray and Humpback whales. If you find yourself in Monterey Bay, you might come across some blue whales, who have now invaded the area in search for krill. Numerous whales have recently moved in for the krill, and is seems that a feast in under way in Monterey Bay for them. Tour operators say that this season has been ideal for whales, which have come here in a large number. This provides people with a once in a lifetime chance, since seeing a blue whale is an opportunity that not many people get the chance to profit from.

Marine biologist and co-owner of Monterey Blue Whale Watch Nancy Black stated that these whales happen to be in the bay in good numbers. Over the weekend, up to 40 whales moved in closer to the harbor, while over 100 humpbacks have spread out over 15 miles in the area. This is a rare thing, considering that a blue whale does not come so close to shore. The reason behind this spectacular show is the abundance of krill, which has set the stage for both blue and humpback whales, but also rare sharks. It seems that the strong northeasterly winds have pulled nutrients up to the surface of the ocean, which drew ocean royalty to Monterey Bay. Nancy Black also said that blows can be seen everywhere, which is really impressive. This means that a golden age for wildlife is at hand along the Bay Area coast.

With the water being extremely clear, giant whales can be seen and admired by everyone. Considering that blue whales do not arrive in the Bay area coast until late August or Early September, seeing them in June is a celebration reason for both inhabitants and tourists. And it sure puts everyone in a good mood! Besides Monterey Bay, blue whale watching was also possible off the coast of Santa Barbara, where these marine mammals have also been spotted recently. The arrival of blue whales in the area have especially pleased blue whale watching organizations, since everyone wanted to profit from the opportunity of seeing these giants up close. While people worldwide come here for a chance of glimpsing the largest animal on the planet, tour operators say that it is surprising how locals are not aware of this amazing and rare opportunity.