Container Ship Kills a Blue Whale in the Indian Ocean

Blue whales are some of the most fascinating creatures that have ever lived on this planet. They are impressive not only in size (being the largest animals ever known to have lived on Earth), but also in behavior. This is why it is such a shame that whales are severely hunted and have become endangered species. Not only are they hunted, but they are also killed in numerous accidents that take place due to container ships. Unofficial figures show that thousands of whales have been killed by container ships. The number of whales living nowadays hardly reaches 12,000, according to a 2002 statistic. Since then, numerous other whales have been hunted or killed.

This is the case of a blue whale which died just a couple of days ago (on May 11, 2012) after being hit by a huge container ship. The accident happened in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Sri Lanka. The poor thing was resting at the ocean surface and did not know what hit her, literally. The busy ship struck the whale during the night. In the Sri Lanka area, huge ships travel at high speed during both daytime and night time, which is why numerous such accidents happen on a frequent basis. Given the impressive size of the whale, you are probably wondering how can a ship kill such a giant. Well, despite being huge, whales do not stand a chance in front of a fully loaded ship and there is no way of them surviving a direct hit. The picture of the whale was captured by diver Tony Wu, who wanted to show the whole world how whales are often killed by devastating ship strikes.

He also said that when a whale is hit by a big ship, the impact is so high that it would not even register. It is just like a tractor hitting a butterfly. As numerous similar cases go unrecorded, people have no idea of how endangered blue whales are. More often than not, they are considered collateral damage and the accident is forgotten right away. This means that tragedies like this happen all the time, without ordinary people even finding out about them. And since most container ship are fully loaded with consumer goods such as cars, appliances and electronic goods, most people do not even care. Something needs to be done about this aspect, though. Otherwise, the number of blue whales will decrease even more and they will eventually become extinct.