Blue Whales Exhibits

Blue whales are without a doubt impressive animals. However, spotting such an animal in the ocean can be really hard, if not actually impossible, having under consideration the habitat of blue whales. This is why, if you want to see a blue whale you need to visit a museum exhibit. Do not worry, as there are numerous great museums you can visit to check out amazing blue whales.

The Natural History Museum in London

Blue whale exhibit, Natural History Museum in London

This is the museum in which you will find the most famous blue whale exhibit in the world. This charming museum homes an impressive mounted skeleton and life-size model of a blue whale. A replica of this exhibit can be found at the University of California, in Santa Cruz.

The American Museum of Natural History

Blue whale exhibit, American Museum of Natural History

This museum is located in New York City. In this spectacular tourist attraction you will find a full-size model of a blue whale. The exhibit can be visited in the Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life.

The New Bedford Whaling Museum

Blue whale exhibit, at Bedford Museum

This museum is located in New Bedford, in Massachusetts. This is the largest whaling museum in the world. A baby blue whale skeleton can be visited here.

The Aquarium of the Pacific

Blue whale at the Aquarium of the Pacific

This lovely spot is located in Long Beach, in California. This is the venue in which you will find a model of a mother blue whale, along with her calf. The life-size model is exhibited suspended from the ceiling, in the main hall of the museum. There is no way you could miss it.

The Canadian Museum of Nature

Blue whale at the Canadian Museum of Nature

This beautiful museum homes a blue whale skeleton since May 2010. The museum located in Ottawa, in Canada, is a popular visitor’s destination. Numerous great exhibits can be visited here.

Naturally, these are just few of the most important museums in the world in which you can visit a blue whale exhibit. There are many other cultural venues you can include into your route if you are interested in visiting a great blue whale exhibit. The Museum of Natural History in Gothenburg or the Melbourne Museum are just two of them.